Tom’s Willow Craft

Thanks for stopping by! This site is for people interested in diamond willow. Perhaps you want to make a walking stick or a bird feeder. Maybe you are here because you want a diamond willow deck railing or lamp base. Or you could be new to willow and you just want to learn. In any case, welcome!

If you would like to purchase unfinished or finished diamond willow products, visit my Etsy shop: Tom’s Willow Craft on Etsy

I also have a Facebook page which you are welcome to visit! I’m hoping recipients of my sticks will post pics for everyone to see.

I also welcome your emails.

If you want to learn more about the process of finding and finishing diamond willow, try the following links:

Stick Pics: Pictures of a Few Sticks I’ve Made

Find It: A Diamond in the Rough

Harvest It: Bring Home the Diamonds

Peel It: Uncover the Beauty Inside

Dry It: Much Patience Required!

Sand It: The Nitty Gritty Work

Varnish It: Let It Shine!

Accessorize It: Let’s Not Overdo It!

Other Diamond Willow Projects





A Map of Tom’s Willow Craft Customers

7 thoughts on “Tom’s Willow Craft”

  1. Got order of willow blanks and very pleased; was able to adjust order to my height with Tom’s suggestions. Very upfront and easy to work with-will order again.

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  2. I have been carving for 50 years. Walking sticks, canes and Urns are my favorite objects. To allow for cutting an end off I expect to need 50″ to 55″. I leave the stick long so whoever I sell or give it to someone they can adjust the handle for fit. How much would you charge for multiple sticks, say 6-10 for sticks and shipping. I can go with bark on or off. I would want 1″ to 2″ with bark off and at least 4-6 diamonds.
    I have a few carvings on Etsy but not any of my carved sticks.


  3. Have placed two orders with Tom; both received very quickly and well packaged. Amazing willow blanks with a lot of the preliminary work of finishing the walking stick already done. Tom is easy to deal with; always ready to make sure the customer is satisfied and I am always pleasantly surprised by the very reasonable shipping and packaging charge. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


  4. Thank you, Tom! The walking stick came so fast! The stick is actually more beautiful than I thought it would be! I wanted my man to cut it for a cane, but he loves the whole thing,and refuses to touch it. The whole experience was wonderful! Thanks so much!! Gloria


  5. Hi, Tom!
    How strong is a willow stick? Would it be strong enough to use as a rod across a window to hang plants on??


    1. Debray,
      My apologies for a slow responese! I get so much spam on this site that I often miss real messages like yours. Yes, I’ve sold willow to people to use as plant hangers. The strength of the rod depends, of course, on its thickness. Something in the 1-1/2″ range is typically strong enough for just about any application. I hope that helps!


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