Here are some reviews from satisfied recipients of my walking sticks:

I am buying this as a 10-year anniversary gift for my husband and was planning on putting scouting medallions on it (a mix of the traditional and modern gift meanings). I knew that as an Eagle Scout, my husband wanted a strong and yet lightweight hiking stave. The only issue was the height it needed to be cut at. Tom explained that this depended on the personal preference of the person using it. We decided he would send this hiking stick uncut, and my husband could make that decision and cut it using his own woodworking tools. Tom shipped the hiking stick the day after I ordered it and It arrived two days later extremely well packaged. My hiking stick was exactly as pictured and exactly what I was looking for – strong but won’t weigh down my husband on the longest hikes – not mention it is beautiful and one of a kind. – Christie from MA

It is beautiful, perfect in every detail. It was shipped in perfect condition and arrived sooner than expected. Couldn’t be happier and my wife loved it! – Tom from Minneapolis, MN

The seller was prompt and efficient. The Walking stick is great!! It looks good and is sturdy. I have taken it out 4 times and have been complimented on it 5 times. It is an attention getter. Definitely recommend. – Steve from NM

Exactly as promised. I’ve never worked with diamond willow, so I admit, I’m intimidated upon seeing it. I don’t have a quarter of Tom’s talent. If you’ve never worked with unfinished diamond willow, I recommend one of the finished ones. Exquisite doesn’t come close to an accurate description! – Lily from OR

This piece that Tom made for me is absolutely stunning!!!! I don’t even want to call it a stick… Tom was very responsive, and shared many pictures with me during the whole process. Tom finished and shipped this custom item to me very quickly!!! I will enjoy this piece for years to come… Thank you Tom!!! – Toni from TX

Bought this for my mom who requested a willow walking stick for her 70th birthday. It is a beautiful object; served it’s purpose while also looking very intrepid on walks/at the farmer’s market. She loves it. Need to get a match for her grandson. – Joan from MA

I want to thank you ever so much for those fantastic Diamond Willow Sticks. The finished Stick is truly a work of art. The unfinished stick is also beautiful without even being finished yet. … I do not think those sticks will be the last things I purchase from you. I am in awe of the Diamond Willow. Something hauntingly beautiful about them. Thanks again for everything and God Bless from Nevada. – April from NV

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