Accessorize It: Let’s Not Overdo It!

I don’t like to overdo it with the accessories. I think the wood should be the main attraction and I don’t like to distract from it. However, different people have their own opinions about this. At the minimum, you’ll probably want to put a rubber tip on your stick to protect it and prevent slipping.

Many people use the cane tips (ferrules) that you can find at Walmart and many other places.

My favorite tip solution

I really don’t care for these. First, it covers up the wood and I like to leave as much of the wood revealed as possible. Second, I’m in denial about getting older and I don’t want to look like an old guy with a cane. I want to look like a young guy on an adventure! OK, so I’m being delusional. Humor me.

See my Rubber Tip Instructions page for details on how to install this kind of tip.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s all the accessories I need. However, some people like things like leather straps, feathers, beads, inset stones, carving, cord handles, etc. I can’t offer much advice on these things because I don’t do them. I like to let the wood take center stage.

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