Stick Pics

Here are some pics of sticks that I’ve made.

This stick has huge diamonds and a large “cobra neck.” It’s one of my all-time favorites.
The stick on the right is a “twisty.” It had a vine growing on it, which created a spiral effect.
I love it when diamonds “collide” and grow around and away from each other.
This stick is loaded with diamonds! I think there are more than 30.
This is a great example of “zombie willow” – willow that is partially dead and full of beautiful staining from the bark and inner core.
This stunning stick has over 30 diamonds and a cluster of seven large ones by the handle that are just amazing!
This stick has staining and grains everywhere along with large twisty clumps of diamonds. Incredible!
A diamond-studded stick! It’s hard to find a place where there aren’t diamonds close by!

I made this diamond willow cane for my dad. It’s 32″ long and loaded with nice diamonds and “zombie willow” staining. The handle is made from aspen burl. Check out the cool grains and colors!

This may be the most diamond-filled stick I’ve made. It’s got over 30 large diamonds that are deep, interconnected, and full of curves.



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Love the handle on this one!
This piece is 72″ long and full of long and large diamonds. I like the way they collide and form curved ridges.
Lots of diamonds on this shorter stick!
How about the curves and colors on this beauty?
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