Diamond Willow – It’s Everywhere!

I live in a place where it’s not hard to find diamond willow. In fact, it’s hard to avoid it. I’m tempted on my way to and from work every day to take a detour and check out a willow patch. I usually must resist that temptation, but when I have the time, it’s great fun to explore a new willow patch.

However, just because there is willow everywhere, it still takes some serious hunting to find good, quality sticks for finishing. I probably examine ten bushes for every stick I cut. But that is what makes it so enjoyable – the rewards for persistence.

I’m not sure how to explain this obsession. It’s clear that most people just drive by and never notice the willow all around them. I am happy to report that I don’t really find competition for willow. I’ve seen a few patches where sticks have been cut, and once I had a guy stop to show me his willow stick.

Because there is so much willow, I’m not secretive about my spots. In fact, I teach classes at the local environmental learning center and take people out on willow hunts. I’m a teacher by trade, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I hope you’ll enjoy what I share on this page!

5 thoughts on “Diamond Willow – It’s Everywhere!”

  1. You sound like a very giving guy, glad I found you.. I grew up in Wisc.. just across river from Wabasha, Minn .. we had an ice fishing shack out there
    . Ate you related to the Gustafsons in Wabasha and the “Grumpy” movies..?


  2. I’ve gone out to look for willow and I’ve found some, but mostly it’s been dead or someone else has been the before me. What I find is nothing to work with and make something. Since you say you’re wiling to share, could you tell me where you live and maybe I’ll come cut a few sticks to take home and work on. My dream is to find one that has the most unique character . I’ve seen pictures of them so I feel I can too. Thanks Glen


  3. I enjoyed your article very much.Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge in this open forum. I work in very remote parts of Alaska and it seems that this spring I will be in some prime diamond willow area. I sure hope that I am able find some pieces as, I would love to spend some of my spare time with this great hobby. If all goes well I may have some wonderful handcrafted gift to give out this holiday season.


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