I spend a lot of time in the woods walking my dog, and I am usually on the lookout for willow. But there are also lots of birch trees where I live, and they are the host for a popular mushroom called chaga. I look for chaga on live birch trees. It can be as small as an orange or as large as a basketball. More often, it’s grapefruit size or so.

When I see chaga, I’ll often harvest it with a hammer and chisel. Then I bring it home and chop it into chunks about 1″ or less in diameter. Next, the chaga goes in my dehydrator for 24 hours.

I’ve found the chaga to be a pretty popular item. It’s hard for me to keep up with the demand because it’s not my primary focus. But I try my best and lots of people have expressed appreciation for the reasonable price and high quality of my chaga.

Here’s a video that shows chaga in the wild and how I harvest it:

Chaga Video on YouTube

Here are some pics of a large chaga growth on a birch tree. This one took a while to harvest!

This chaga growth is bigger than my dog!
A nice bag full of chaga from one tree.
That’s a lot of chaga!
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