I’ve scoured the web for information on willow, especially diamond willow. Here are some of my favorites: – this is the site that really got me going with diamond willow. It’s a great resource, but sadly its creator, Ken, passed away in April, 2013.

Wikipedia page on diamond willow. A bit technical, but interesting reading.

Walking Stick Forum – a great place to meet other people from all around the world who make walking sticks. I’ve gotten a lot of good advice on this forum.

Mastering Diamond Willow by Rick Charlebois – the only book I’ve found devoted specifically to diamond willow.

Willow Bird Feeders – a great little book that shows how to make 10 different bird feeders out of willow.

Flex Drum Sander Kit – my sander of choice. You need a motor for this kit with a 1/2″ or 5/8″ shaft. You can also order extra sanding drums here.

How to put a rubber tip on a stick – where to buy the tips and how to install them.

Flexcut 1″ Mini-Draw Knife – Amazon link to my favorite stick peeling tool.

Flexcut 5″ Draw Knife – Amazon link to a larger draw knife that is great for peeling bigger willow pieces.

Walking Stick Accessories – a great site for buying accessories for walking sticks.

The Stick Man – a great shop in the UK for all things walking sticks!

Facebook Walking Stick Group – Join this group to interact with thousands of stick makers on Facebook!

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