Beyond Willow Sticks

I first got interested in diamond willow because I saw walking sticks made from this beautiful wood. But I soon learned that people do much more with willow. You can find lots of craft ideas online. So, I have been dabbling with other possibilities as well. I have two diamond willow coat hooks in my workshop. I have plans for lamp bases and bird feeder poles. I made a cane for my dad. I have made several vases and given some away. Here’s one I gave to my daughter.

A willow vase with a willow base holding pussy willows.

Diamond Willow – It’s Everywhere!

I live in a place where it’s not hard to find diamond willow. In fact, it’s hard to avoid it. I’m tempted on my way to and from work every day to take a detour and check out a willow patch. I usually must resist that temptation, but when I have the time, it’s great fun to explore a new willow patch.

However, just because there is willow everywhere, it still takes some serious hunting to find good, quality sticks for finishing. I probably examine ten bushes for every stick I cut. But that is what makes it so enjoyable – the rewards for persistence.

I’m not sure how to explain this obsession. It’s clear that most people just drive by and never notice the willow all around them. I am happy to report that I don’t really find competition for willow. I’ve seen a few patches where sticks have been cut, and once I had a guy stop to show me his willow stick.

Because there is so much willow, I’m not secretive about my spots. In fact, I teach classes at the local environmental learning center and take people out on willow hunts. I’m a teacher by trade, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I hope you’ll enjoy what I share on this page!